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Leading the way in children’s health

We want more healthy children. So we make sure that our members get the knowledge and expertise they need, and we involve children, young people and families in all that we do.


We're committed to supporting our members throughout this period, with staff working remotely. You can find all our latest updates relating to COVID-19 in one place, including guidance for paediatric services, staffing and rotas, training and CPD, plus research and surveillance and updates on our plans to deliver Conference material online.

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Equality, diversity and inclusion

We're looking at whether we as a College truly reflect the breadth and diversity of our membership. In our new action plan, we outline how we plan to open up voluntary roles for the 21st century.

Recovery of elective surgery

Our joint, evidence-based recommendations inform practice to enable recovery of these crucial services for children and young people.

RCPCH Conference Online ePosters

This year's gallery has gone virtual, and is now open. Review up to 400 posters showcasing the latest in paediatric research.

Our major news and media response



We look ahead to plans for digital growth charts, which will be available to parents and carers in 2021.
Area of medicine
Community child health

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Our President, Professor Russell Viner, responds to the publication of the NHS People Plan 2023-21.
Care setting
Health policy

Redeployment of health visitors has left vulnerable children at risk

Health visitors fear the needs of vulnerable children have been missed due to staff redeployment to support the Covid-19 workforce, according to a new UCL survey. The survey of 663 health visitors in England, conducted between 19 June and 21 July 2023, found that 41% of respondents in teams that los...
Care setting
Community services

Milestones summer edition

This edition of your membership magazine features how to stay safe and supported during the COVID-19 pandemic, one member's experience of working in Sierra Leone and screen time for children. Plus so much more!

RCPCH Compass
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